Pastel paintings, mixed media on paper

I make many snapshots of flowers, trees and plants, and sketches using those to create a personal impression of the natural beauty and not a realistic image. For example, I like the photographic, interesting, abstract effects of the wind when it moves branches and stalks. I love to work with paper because the specific characteristics I cannot translate to other materials such as linen.

Actual news

Contemporary Art Curator magazine from 20 Sept. till 20 Dec, 2023, promotion via their website, instagram and facebook

2024 publishers Russo in Italy, publication in the Art Diamond Magazine.

Climate and culture

Climate and culture are closely connected. Art is a unique source of dialoque for learning, experimenting and interpretation DEALING WITH topics like climate change and rising sea-level. We are working to an interdiciplinary artshow in Venice facing floods and the MOSE Dam in collaboration with constructions companies and artists.

EUROPA NOSTRA in VENICE, a connection with Culture and Climate actions.  EUROPEAN HERITAGE HUB COMMUNITY lauched 28 september 2023

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About me

I am a Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam. I started drawing at an early age. In my teens I followed private classes with a number of different artists. When I was seventeen, I visited for a study-trip Italy for the first time. Admiring the work of the many Renaissance artists, like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Del Sarto, Botticelli. These famous artists where of great influence in my career later.

The materials I choose are minimal; ink, water, pastels and some acrylic paint.My pastel paintings (drawings) are a mix of Eastern and Western tehiniques with a special pictoresque effect. Since my time at Art school, my affinity is with paper because the specific characteristics of paper I cannot translate to other materials such as linen.

Ellen Grael

The Pink bells, 120 x 140cm, 47x62inch

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Please feel free to contact me directly for more information about the art and services I offer. I am always ready to answer your questions.